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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Keeping My Photos Safe

Years ago, I made the decision to disassemble all of my photo albums and scan them to digital. I did that when digital photography became the standard. Once I felt confident that all of my photos could be secure in digital format and reasonably easy to view, I didn't feel the need to have a couple dozen photo albums around taking up space. There are times when I see friends and family trying to decide what to do with their photos once the storage space on their phones becomes filled up. Obviously, in one way or another they need to be taken off a phone. The phone is only going to last so long anyways.

Some years ago, I created a website to sell my photography to the general public. I also created a folder on the website for my family's pictures. I uploaded all my scanned personal photos to this folder. I have made it a regular habit to upload pictures that I take on my phone and with my big fancy camera to the family folder. While my photography pictures are available for the general public to see and purchase, the family folder on it has a password which I share only with family. In my opinion, having a paid website or storage like this is a lot safer than relying on free sites like Facebook to keep your pictures on. You don't really own your site on Facebook and they can make changes that you don't like or even delete your account. I host my site on My photo site is

So my kids, my sisters, their significant others, and my nieces and nephews are all excited to have access to all the photos that I've taken of them through the years. I invite them to upload their pictures to this family folder as well. I am committed to keeping it for the rest of my life, my children will have to decide how to handle it after I'm gone.

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